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Families and Individuals

We develop tailored solutions to help our clients work towards their financial goals. Our focus encompasses the Accumulation, Protection, Retirement and Transferring of your wealth to future generations to meet your family’s objectives.

Additionally, the vast majority of folks nearing retirement are overwhelmed trying to do in-depth retirement planning. We work with our members to make sure all areas of retirement planning are addressed, especially during the accumulation phase so that adequate resources for a comfortable, worry-free retirement are on hand.

The transition into retirement can be overwhelming. Furthermore, every insurance agent wants to sell you a high-priced annuity loaded with hidden fees and surrender charges and every broker wants to keep your assets in the market at risk to the next crash. We work with clients to make this transition intelligently over time, using low-cost no-load, and many times no cost investments. We also help with the many decisions faced by a retiree such as Medicare, Medigap, Drug Plans, and Social Security.

Small Business Owners

The needs of each business owner are unique. We create an environment that allows you to focus solely on the growth and security of your business. Our wealth management solutions are designed to integrate both your personal and business financial needs via a customized plan to maintain the strength of your business and to work towards personal financial security.

In addition, many small businesses have the desire but lack the skill and time to find ways to help their employees prepare for retirement successfully. We work with countless business owners in providing retirement plan services, risk management consulting, succession planning and estate planning.

We manage numerous small to midsize business retirement plans – such as 401(k), 403(b), 457, Cash Balance, TSA’s as well as design proper structuring and funding of Buy/Sell Agreements utilizing life insurance.  The difference between us and many other plan advisors is that we see ourselves as an extension of the Employer to help every Employee prepare for retirement.

Are you ready to talk about your financial future?

We can’t wait to help you set up your finances in a way that’s true to your values, while setting your family up for a successful financial future.

The first step is to schedule an appointment so we can understand the needs of your unique situation. Then we talk about a customized plan that feels right for your family. 

Community Events

Occasionally we have events that serve the public. Contact us to see what our upcoming community events are. 

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