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Wealth is complex. We manage the details to simplify your life.

Whether you are looking to save for future goals, plan for retirement, or create a financial legacy, we are here to help you realistically evaluate and plan for your goals.

  • Reduce risk in your investments
  • Create guaranteed lifetime income streams
  • Design your financial legacy
  • Create a solid retirement plan

Should Ken or Ted and their team work together with you on your valuable retirement savings, you will be more than a client…you will become a member of the Legacy Family.

You will meet on an annual basis (minimum) with your Advisor to Review your current investments and their performance. We will Assess how they performed, Adjust if necessary or requested, you will Affirm the changes (if any), and we will Apply any changes to the particular policy.

Ultimately, our business success is a reflection of striving to do all things with excellence, surpassing beyond ordinary in our profession, and building lifetime multi-generational relationships with our members.

Are you ready to talk about your financial future?

Rate the 5 critical areas of your financial future on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being ‘not concerned’ and 5 being ‘very concerned’:

  • Running out of Money during Retirement
  • Suffering Market Volatility and Losses
  • Surprise Taxes and Not keeping up with Inflation
  • High and Hidden Investment Fees
  • Catastrophic Illness Costs and/or Leaving a Legacy

If you score ANY of these questions as 3 or higher, PLEASE schedule a FREE, no pressure, no hype, consultation!

Your consultation with a Principal Advisor (at our office or your location) will be private and confidential. We will talk in detail to discover the needs of your unique situation. Then we create a customized plan that feels right for your family.

Are you ready to talk about your financial future?

We can’t wait to help you set up your finances in a way that’s true to your values, while setting your family up for a successful financial future.

The first step is to schedule an appointment so we can understand the needs of your unique situation. Then we talk about a customized plan that feels right for your family. 

Community Events

Occasionally we have events that serve the public. Contact us to see what our upcoming community events are. 

Let our experience be your guide 

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