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Retirement Planning Worksheet

With a title like “Sharpen your pencils, let’s work the numbers” I knew you would enjoy being provided with the opportunity to see how ready you are for retirement, and if your numbers add up to what you thought they would in terms of your ideas of where to put your retirement saving so that you will have an income you won’t outlive. Did you fall short? Are you disappointed in what your worksheet revealed? Call us, we may have some ideas you haven’t thought of. We’re always here to help.


Retirement Planning Materials

Sharpen your pencils. Let’s work the numbers.


retirement planning worksheet graphicDo fixed indexed annuities add up for you?

It’s one thing to know the facts about fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) in general, but quite another to figure out if one is right for your specific circumstances and retirement plans.


Do you know the right questions to ask before purchasing a fixed indexed annuity?

Consider the following important questions to ask yourself or your financial professional, before purchasing a fixed indexed annuity (FIA).


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